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Welcome to My Personal Space

Everyone needs a place to be themselves. A place they can go to find their peace on this floating rock. This is a guilty pleasure of a comedy and tragedy; with rainbow colored Satire for decoration. There’s art, music, sad attempts at being a songwriter, “DUFF” style memories, book reviews, a lot of self loathing & daily affirmations.

With a healthy dose of self-diagonses and years of research, I give you a glimpse into the mind of what created and ultimate pushes me for reform in my own backyard. I mean my own ass. So much of my time has been spent on finding the easiest, SAHM approved, the least amount of spoons // forks // or conventional tools LIFE HACKS to sanity one 39 year old body but 90 year old soul could teach you.

Premium content to come, hey now, simmer down. Momma’s gotta eat too.

“My work is my purpose, my driving force. It’s the reason I get up every day and do what I do. Most importantly, it keeps pushing me to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge. Times get rough when you have deadlines and sports practices. Take the time to read something productive once a day — if you can help another SAHM understand the importance of that article, then yeah, anyone can do my job. The truth NOT just anyone is WILLING do this job. We’re more than a bunch of experts. Most people just don’t get any enjoyment out of organizing family photos or email files. Not everyone has spent 12+ years decluttering their own life and the lives of 4 mini humans. Everyone always says I should start getting paid for all the life hacks I seem to have — so here I am. The hustle is never free. We all have our own strengths. Separated by the three things that make us who we are; parenthood, a 9 to 5 and our parents. 

Let’s grab a handful of self-help books and put them to good use. At least have the decency to crack the spine and see what healing might be like with the word fuck in it, a lot. This isn’t a blog for the weak hearted. This a deep dive into the life of many, told by a few.

Behind every person, lies a true story. Who am I? How did my project come to life? And what keeps my clients coming back, today? Let me take you on a journey that’s been anything but ordinary.””

Mrs. Austin (circa 2018)

Use the links below to take you to another page of our website. Please feel free to email suggestions or blog entry ideas. If you’d like to appear in one of our podcast, send a DM through one of the social media links at the top of the page. Have a day.

Some Rules:

I will continue to talk until someone tells me to stop. Here you will find many adventures and stories that make up who I am today (names changed because I am not giving them a cent). If any of these stories set off trigger warnings for you, please stop reading. This blog series is to help and not harm.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out all my emotionally and only occasionally physical hard work. This is a safe space to vent or be vented to about the quirks of life and all the neurodivergent things I have been doing my whole life. Your comments are public. Your content shared with me is confidential unless noted in our correspondence (email for now).

If you are here to raise hell with no care in the world, this place is not for you (the care must be GROWTH WORTHY, i.e., verbally attacking your attacker). We are here to heal (in our own way of course) but we are not here to be punching bags for the lost souls I have lost along the way. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION or DOXING is allowed on my website. You will be added to the block list if you are reported for any REASONABLE reason. This is the internet, once it’s out there, its public knowledge. I have friends who sue people for a living, so don’t.

All content is owned and created by me. If you would like a FREE sample, please reach out. I also pay those lawyer friends to do copyright infringement cases, so again, don’t. I work hard to create and write my own content based on books available anywhere. These are my thoughts and stories, unless specified.

Embark with me on a journey of unpacked childhood traumas, years of discovery within those traumas, #actuallyautistic #actuallyADHD self-diagnosis, #actuallyautistic content creators from all walks of the social media world, self-help books filled with adult language, the many new self-discoveries within my day-to-day routine of the #neurospicy variety and many more topics.

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