Mr & Mrs Smith (July 15, 2022)

why does love bring so much rain

without you i’m no gem, lost, no shine

if only I had one last run down memory lane

no need to connect the same old dots

let’s hit all the right spots

Im blinded by your love

You’re my Mr. Right

No matter the weather I’ve got your back

no one can take away those deep blue eyes

the way they see through my walls

when the storm rolls in, my heart takes flight

Im forever yours babe

Lost in Love, you and me against the world

Before there was an us, my life was dark

these ships were going down, side by side

You are the only thing shining when I needed to be found

I can’t spend another minute stuck

you bring the light to my eyes

Take this broken heart, I give my all

As the sun shines down

no cloud in sight, pursuit of happiness on my mind

dancing in the storm, I can’t seem to see i was drowning

You’ve become my guiding light, smitten by your love

Lost, alone & going nowhere

these ships going down, side by side

you and me against the world

Cus before I met you, my life was dark & grey

Take this broken heart, it’s worth it

I gladly accept yours, to hold and cherish

forever forward, no matter how slow

If we going down, it will always be us

This love can take us anywhere

Just you and I, cozy as can be

No need to fear the waves, We’ve got this

You’re my one and only, my perfect

Take me around the world, bring on the turbulence

You’re my reason, My first & last request

Mr & Mrs Smith

written by Just Rant Already

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