Update (July 22, 2022)

“I’m having too much fun with all this creativity.” Mrs. Austin

Hey y’all. Thank you again for sticking it out with me. I’ve decided to take another two weeks off to prep for the next two months of blogs.

Gonna start doing interviews with some friends to dig deep into links between our healing journey, neurospicy takes on life & addiction. The paths each of us take cross with some beautifully broken “human givers” many of us take for granted.

It’s always something in the “mirror” we see that we don’t like in others. The way around our ego & a clearer path in finding our true ID — we must pass by others we deem role models for life lessons one day we will be confronted with. That’s what this Podcast will be. A place to find yourself in the stories of others. Feel that heart wrenching truth — that we hurt ourselves to save others, all while convinced we were doing it alone.

So I do hope y’all enjoy the poetry and just another outlet for letting out my thoughts & practicing putting my feelings into those same words.

On the the next one …

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