Without (July 29, 2022)

Without a doubt

You’ve got it now

A map to the center

No man can stand the pressure

Eyes that see to your core

You think you need this

You won’t take no for an answer

Don’t think it through

Take what you can get

No more words to express

Tears falling, no sound

When will the lightning strike


The fire can’t stop this now

You’ve opened pandoras box

Without a doubt

You’ve got no clue

A broken promise

No man has won

A nose for the dramatic

No end in sight

Don’t fall asleep

You’ll miss the whole point

No need for instructions

You make the rules

Uncharted territory

No wind to blow your sail

Darkness sets in

The trap was set

To deep to know any better

Without a doubt

You’ve got it all wrong

She’s the creator, holding the pen

Distruction is your only end

Just a pawn in your own game

Without a doubt

You’ve got no clue

Stupid boy, you’ve done it now

You will always leave without her

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