Advice (August 1, 2022)

If I told you the truth

You wouldn’t believe me

You get what you see

Nothing hiding in the wings

Tried and true

I couldn’t lie if I wanted to

The view is beautiful

One foot could be your start

No need to judge

That’s what everyone else does

Just grab yourself and say

I got this

There is no pain in trying

We all fall short

One day you will see

The path you made was worth it

You’re not the first

listen to your heart

Uniquely yours

Not at all alone

One day you will see

You had the strength to conquer

No matter what they say

You’re not the first

You won’t be the last

To take this trip

Make the most of what you have

Don’t forget to ask for help

One day you will see

There was nothing inbetween

You had the power this whole time

To define your own destiny

written by Just Rant Already

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