Again (August 5, 2022)

I would have traveled the world to give you a smile

Taken my last breath to save you from pain

When will this feeling end?

I am who I am without contradiction

You get what you see nothing hidden

Beneath the mask you’ll find a broken soul

Fighting to breath

No need to worry

I have come and gone before

I have found my place again

If I could take it all back

I’d make different moves

Find a space free of darkness

Some place of my own

I deserve to choose what is best for me

A new chapter in this series

I have so much more to tell

The lights at the end of the tunnel

So close to the end of you

The me I used to be again

I needed validation to push through

Lost my wit when I thought this would last forever

No need to remind me of what I gave away

I can see it on his face

The mask I no longer wear

A broken woman at her end

Taking a turn no one saw coming

Finding purpose among the trees

A path no one else would choose to trek

Free to breath in life and live again

She’s found her space to build

A seed of faith growing from within

Never letting another do this again

No need to read between the lines

Always more than she gave herself credit for

Capable of turning them all on their heads

No longer stuck in her own way

She’s fighting for more than a say

Give you a run for your money

She will never forget her worth again

written by Just Rant Already

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