Fighter (August 12, 2022)

The way the world works I don’t want to be free.

The cog in the middle, needed me.

I want to be them.

Find a way to stop the pain.

Flooding my veins with mediocrity.

The system feeds me the media I need to see.

One day I woke up

I saw the person staring back

She isn’t me

The power we need to just be.

Stand in line, don’t pay no mind to your own worth.

Don’t use that nose.

Don’t follow that pattern, its all insanity.

Just swallow your pill and keep it going.

You asked for this life.

I ran into the night’s sky

Tears from heaven as I scream

She isn’t me

Stamp the pad, push the button.

Don’t dare question the outcome.

Feed the system as it gives you crumbles.

No need to be a community of more than one.

Take away your ethicity, culture & pride.

Individualism denied and treated like second class citizens.

I’ve found my peace, far from the rest

I’ve got hacks to life they don’t want you to understand

I am who I am & I gather my tribe the more I seem to prove my worth

Those who see the potential of something more than you give her credit for

She isn’t me, I can’t be put in a box

My greatest advice can be summed up quiet easily

Just be your damn self and fight the system willing to oppress us

written by Just Rant Already

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