Up and Away (September 5, 2022)

I had a dream that one day I would fly

Not to a far off place full of wonder or delight

A quiet place to sit and vibe

Play with my toys as I saw fit

No more , “that’s for a boy or a girl!”

I could see right through the shiny coats

of bad men in wolves clothes

I’d fight the shadows wielding a sword of honor

making the world safer where no one else would follow

Be the savior I needed when things got bad

I had a dream that one day I could turn back time

Take back the mean things I noticed and said that stung like a bee

Looked both ways before crossing the streets

Picked better friends who didn’t snicker while I fell behind

Stopped myself from crying when they stared

Stood up for myself with the mean girls

Wore the dress no matter how gross the boys looked licking their lips

Quit begging the wrong people to be my friends

Learn that love isn’t something to play with when you don’t understand

Choose to love myself more than attention and conversation

I had a dream that one day I’d have a family of my own

Full of love and gratitude for the years to grow

Trust, compassion, loyalty, honest, forgiveness and acceptance

A recipe for a blended family full of life with the lest exceptions

Learning from each other and overcoming our insecurities

We’d give our last to save each other from handing out reprocity

Generational wealth and prosperity for years to come

Always a place to call home

Those child like fairytale, whims that never graced my presence

I had to make my own, I never knew what family was before today

Forced to create a world in my own head that dripped down and fooled them all

Masking techniques learned from masters, normal was the easiest role

I don’t have to dream anymore, I got my one true hearts wish

To wake up in my own skin, surrounded by a family that gives

Be the me that was intended so that they can live a life that is full

No more hiding away the beauty within, sharing from the depths of my soul

I am gonna shine and be proud of the accomplishments they make

I had a dream, now I am living it; a family that loves me for who I am

written by Just Rant Already

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