Thoughts on August (September 9, 2022)

I am taking 2 weeks off to get back into blogging. Check out the update on my last post, Complete (September 7, 2022). I will be posting more new content to previous post, so click that follow button to see what I will be up to.

Thoughts on August …

Back to the grind. Summer gave me time to focus on what was working and what wasn’t. Giving me plenty of time to come up with a 6 month plan on topics & another failed attempt at getting the Vlog going. Work in progress, always. Had a few much needed family events with my children &

It is always fun to take what I have already created and twist it on its own head. My life has been one draft to draft of ideas and concepts; always improving on performance. No need to be perfect the first time, the process would be boring.

Reinventing the way I keep myself organized lately helps me find different ways to accomodate clients and other interpersonal relationships needed for any continued success in society today. My goal has always been to to create a networking community that grows as we learn and develop our personal skills.

I hope to create a space here that allows for flow of information from one individuals prespective to another. Sharing what we know and our “life hacks” with the world. The patterns I see & the statistics I comprehend allows for my brain to find safe & reliable probabilities that get me from point A to point B. Like traffic, the outcome depends on multiple factors not everyone takes into account.

On to the next one …

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