Just Be (September 16, 2022)

There is something about you

the way you shine

Drag my heart back from the dark

the way you bring happiness to my life

Just be the you your meant to be

I want nothing more than

rainbows & butterflies

no more giddy red flags to blind your sight

I want to give you the world on a silver platter

Just be the you your meant to be

Today is the day

the skies will pour

For all that was taken, millions more will give

You’ve changed the world with a tiny spark

Just being the you that you are

You are loved, safe and secure

Take this time to grow at your own pace

jaded hearts may try to dampen your smile

You are the diamond in the rough

Just be who you were meant to be

you are gonna change the world

we only have one life to live

one body to give

unique to the bone

they can’t muffle your tone

be the purpose to feel inside

dont forget to live with pride

Just be the you that you are

Just be who you want to be

just be, dont give up, just be

written by Just Rant Already

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