Why, September? (September 30, 2022)

A much needed stay-cay turned into a 2 week hiatus from all that is “blatant disregard for conventional thought to paper concept,” call my life story — September is and will always be to me, “the month of shift.” No, that is not a typo. Right now nature is screaming, “wake up and do something with this mess.” The process of shedding the layers of the old you to make room for growth. Fall cleaning you could say.

The retrograde that’s pushing the boundaries of pent-up ANYTHING to its brink has so many souls festering on the raw end of the deal. Whatever seems to come to the surface is something you need to sit down and have a conversation with. Not your partner, co-worker, family members, damn not even your therapist. This conflict within yourself needs to be replaced with a new goal in mind, body or spirit.

“This is a time to focus that bright light you call YOU towards the darkest parts of yourself that you don’t even fuck with anymore.” I really said all of that once at a party when I was 16. Deep conversation on the patterns of emotions & the pull of gravity during lunar phases, from everything that makes us who we are — minerals from the earth we roam upon. Imagine your earth & September is a 6.7 on the Richter scale. September will always win and gladly leave cracks all over the surface of what you choose to call a personality.

“Take the concept of community for example. ‘Family’ is sacred to me. Some would say an extreme concept I take personally. As a parent, a role model, fuck – being the oldest person in the room — are all positions in life I choose to prioritize over all others. Choosing to see those younger, shorter, less educated and those who are detestiably hateful for no apparent reason at first glance — as different chances to study what forces us — the complex bags of emotionally driven cells on this hurling rock — against our ‘pack animal’ survival tactics. To turn on our pre-existing roles and challenge the why? Why must others be homeless for their choices on how to cope through life’s challenges? Choosing to love the differences between ourselves and others who mutually benefit from our future endeavors is another one of my jams. Now don’t get me wrong – the concept of ‘family’ is used very loosey-goosey here. Allowing another human being the power to change our point of view and create growth, no matter its direction; good or bad. That’s family. That’s community. Finding the worth we all possess and focusing it on what it is that needs to be done for us all. Patience really, to see that not everyone comes from the same cloth or fits into the same keyhole.”

Mrs. Austin, “What motivates you to be and do better now?”

Now that my life has been shaken like grandmas favorite chicken recipe. I’m going to focus myself & stay on a different level. By focusing my poetry on my past & how these experiences have made me into who I am. Like Slim Shady — you’ll never know what part of the storyline is fictional — but it will all be relatable. Make the world feel a little less alone.

I’m going to start writing down my analogies into a book as well. Can’t wait to share it with y’all. The stories behind each & everyone of these analogies might also become the footprint for my vlog. Stay tuned for an upcoming Video page as my singing adventures in busking continue through Southern Oregon & California. Not just the Farmers Market anymore y’all.

On to the next one …

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