Let’s start over (October 3, 2022)


Hey, what’s my line? Anybody out there got my line?

No. No bother I know when I am needed or just another

Let me take it somewhere else, where need becomes community

Walkin’ around in someone else shoes so I can tell you whats not

What I am not gonna do is begin to end without reprocity

What your not gonna say to me is all over your face

I got power little one, no one can take away

Living a life of my own, no competition, no co-pay

Tonights the night I am gonna give it all away // Find a new space to rent for my head

Before tomorrow would be the same as today // Finding the reasons to stay awake

When will the world see I am worth more than my weight in gold? // just cus I want to disappear into the absence of darkness, no longer selling my soul

Give my things to those who need them // walk the earth and share the wealth

No one deserves to feel such pain // No one should feel that way, alone and afraid

The only way to make a change // Take away their time and make them pay

Call me a begger, a rebel or completely insane // As long as you grow with purpose

We are all on this ride called life // some of us are handed a smoother path

I’d take the one least travelled over the generations before me // just cause its not broken doesn’t mean its right


Take all the seats, yeah that one right there

I don’t think you understand the mark you’ve missed

Baby don’t take it personal, this ain’t about you

The world needs to heal and your cancer sign won’t do

Action. No longer just reactions on that soul sucking screen

Drama. Taking names and each injustice to the streets

Script. Take your place in line and do what is needed

Or, take all the seats. Yeah, that one right there

written by Just Rant Already

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