Little Girl (October 10, 2022)

If you told me I already knew what love was // I’d call you a liar

Everyone says this is how its supposed to go

Give them your all until you’re empty

One day he says he loves you for the way you talk

Next he’s waking up in another’s arms

If you told me they’d only break your heart // I’d call you a liar

Everyone says they’ve had a bad day

They only meant what they said to your face

Judge you for things they find funny with no context

Give you chills and showed you their true shade

All this noise in the air

Why would I want to share?

Love isn’t complicated, he is

They call themselves friends

Little girl, the truth isn’t so easy to see

When their masks aren’t emotions, but pain

Don’t let them jade your space

One day they won’t want to tear you to shreds

A work in progress

One day you’ll grow up to be

More than they let you

Be the you you’re supposed to be

Giving off big energy

Running circles around those who can’t see // Patterns repeat

Don’t be the little girl who wanted to be

Nothing more than they appreciate // They don’t want to see

Little girl you’re more than they can conceive

You’ve got power they will never know // Don’t stop being you

written by Just Rant Already

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