Moving On (October 12, 2022)

I’m not your cheerleader anymore

Just here to enjoy the rest of this game

Giving back some energy, no expectations

One day I thought what a friend would bring?

Truth is, loneliness is a trigger for everything

No need for physical touch or affection

Neurospicy hyper focused info dump, to be exact

This people pleasing got me all confused

Telling me I should care about things

No control to change any

Pushing me to go where I don’t want to

Toxic traits, binge drinks, and drama

Fuck a girls night, Saturday socialite

I am sitting this one out

Gonna find what I was thinkin’

My motivation for repeatin’

Unlearn the masked parts of me

The ones you prefer, request and manipulate

In your middle man greedy grab at fame

I am happy as a clam

Sitting here with a close few who choose me back

Sharing what life has always had in store for me

In the arms of a man who knows the real me

the bat shit, always singing, creative crazy I am

written by Just Rant Already

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