Evolution (October 14, 2022)

Once I was broken // Given no reason to continue // Gave the life I wanted no more attention // I came upon a purpose // Did as I was told // Never felt so happy walking out of those woods //

I found a new light // a reason to continue // Adulting is harder when loneliness directs your future // I wanted more to life than just surviving’ // Lets put all of this energy together // build a life we can be proud of //

Taking what is discarded on principal // turn it into something beautiful // so much more out in the world // if we’d just teach with open ears // stop hoarding what isn’t health and grow your own wealth

I am happy to change what is needed // to guarantee a future for my children // filled with cultural education // a necessity to continue to live life for the Earth // as its nutrients give back to us // because we need her more than she needs us

written by Just Rant Already

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