Patterns (October 19, 2022)

Here’s the truth

Your path is above the smog

Living a life of privilege, little to no fragility

The world could crush below and you’d never see

The aftermath of your decisions

Repercussions of your actions

Setting standards that dismantle the lower classes

Building a wall of ignorance

Based on your own measurements

The world assimilated

Towards the wrong side of the tracks

The distance between necessity and function

Blame me for your need for Gentrification

Building a community of entitlement

Rewrite history to ensure your destruction

Change is needed

It means taking old ways of doing

Into the present situation

Building up your neighbor

Closing the gap created by political affiliation

We all need the space to be an individual

Standing next to another individual

Standing next to some other individual

The world doesn’t control your actions


written by Just Rant Already

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