Help (October 26, 2022)

Happy to help, this is the real me

Don’t mind me, just trying to find a different way

One day you’ll see, I am just here to witness

Live, Laugh, Love the life I’m allowed to live

affirmations to the soul

growing no matter if it shows

Giving more than I take

Wishing for just one more day

Fighting the good fight, one cheap shot at a time

must be the Old soul in me, turning the other cheek

People pleasing until I can’t breath

make it through the day

closing the generational gap with real time healing

building financial wealth in the form of work ethic

giving options above the rest

Pushing through the hardship



Stereotypes keeping these at arms length

Anything to put others down

Lift the minimal finger to help another

unjust discrimination, classism and greed

Tears that bring fear

Drenched in narcissistic power



real Colonizer vibes

dishing out orders that can’t be filled

screaming lies and drawing lines in the riverbend

Destruction of human decency with each transaction

fighting a one sided argument

Just trying hard to survive it all

I am gonna start today

Give back no matter what pain

Teach the next one how to survive

When the day seems to turn gray

know that there is somewhere to turn

a place that will give you the break you deserve

Home can be where you close your eyes

safe and secure

no judgement here

Happy to help, ’cause this truly is the real me

written by Just Rant Already

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