Dream a little (October 31, 2022)

Don’t stop what you’re doing // give it a go

You are worth more than you’ll ever know

The story told after you’ve left this world

Will be told by others // giving off the vibe you left them

Don’t change who you are // your tribe will find you

Originals all have some form of copy cat

Trending // branding // soul sucking clout

Don’t just shake your ass for a like

later dismissed for another

Don’t search for an answer in someone else’s story board

Your dreams are calling from within

The “you” you’re supposed to be whispers from the dark

You’ll grow into those shoes one day // don’t force it

You’ve got so much to give // You’re story is a big part

Who you are and where you’ve been

Other’s don’t always see a version of themselves in the spotlight

Make your dreams a reality

Live who you are with conviction

Tell your story and be brave

Other’s can see a light at the end of their own tunnel

Hope in the form of your own serenity

Don’t smother someone else

your worth is appreciated in the form of mimicking

just a sign you’re moving in the right direction

written by Just Rant Already

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