Grifter (November 2, 2022)

somedays I feel like I am drowning

between my own fears

many more miles of discomfort to go

in the way I choose to do anything

patterns that drive me between the lines you can see

“I want to be were the people are? Not really”

Just appreciated for time served

Just because I can find the patterns in your problems

too extinguished by your own worst fear put on me

Fear of failure

Of seeing yourself in my mirror

watching as I continue to fight from this day forward

not always understanding the life of others

and why I don’t fit into what it is that I don’t fit into!

Ignorance is bliss in most of my chapters than I’d like to admit

living a life of fulfillment that lacks the presence of others

Found my purpose helping others who need it and always appreciate it

Giving hope others will care enough to ask with words not just onward glances

lift a hand, a finger for humanities sake

crackin’ at these generational curses day by day

making change from all their two cents

Draining myself of the energy to do it again and again

cause all this practice makes progress

making tribal moves in the right direction

Cause all this purpose is renaissances

way more than one man’s agenda

to give to, to belong to and protect

An energy that can’t be faked or redacted

I want to attract the love I give

Pull close those who see the real me

the broken ones giving to others

the healed actions of a simple soul everyday keeps the fakes away

Coming back to the same spaces

to so many different faces

When will this fictious game end?

written by Just Rant Already

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