My Thoughts on October (November 4, 2022)

Happy beginnings to this next chapter in our lives. Working towards affirming my hard copy printing development of Just Rant Already. I am excited about creating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planners others may need to categorially their daily routines. ADHD and Autistic households find simple changes in routine are harder than changes that cause full meltdowns. Having multiple children on the neurodivergent spectrum can keep you on your toes.

Each child needs a different level of assistance. Mostly reminding our three oldest, a pre-teen and two teenagers what the importance of self-care; of course mental and physical but sexual has to be addressed. It is important to teach our younger generations what our healing journey has. That not all the butterflies you feel are a good thing. So many red flags Ryan and I have ignored growing up. The abuse, whether passive aggressive or grooming, morphed our understandings of what interpersonal relationships were appropriate.

My father Jerry, April 16, 1943 to October 16, 2022, taught me that to get things done sometimes you have to admit you can’t do it alone. Not everyone in life is going to adapt to their surroundings and grow. Some will leave, some will bury themselves and some will sit where you left them and never grow. This tidbit of advice has sank in more and more as I’ve grew older. I am happy he’s not hurting anymore and I still feel him by my side when my mind starts to race with thoughts.

Nothing more to report but that the life we choose is the life we live. Minimalistic living is a hard pill to swallow. Giving up what society tells you that is required to accomplish what it is that life hands you — sad really. The need to borrow is strong with this family. I would rather give to those in need who have what it is we need to complete a job.

This gives the person a purpose and possible side hustle in such a secluded area like the true Northern California. Snows coming already and with the drastic changes to our environment this last few years, mudslides and major shifts in rock formation can cause even more damage to the only way in and out this time of year, HWY 96. Trips out of town will now be packed with family visits, food shopping and building the bond we already share as a family unit.

On to the next one …

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