Wake up Call (November 9, 2022)

They don’t like me for what I see

They don’t pay for my advice

just want it all for free

Thought I had to be a “yes, man”

to keep them as friends

Lost myself in the wasted space of time

How could I stay so blind?

Wait, theirs a quiz?

So many voices screaming from the shadows

Their two cents stuck on repeat,

How would you miss all that?

Stuck in someone else’s perspective

Narcissistic personality killing my vibe

Handing out my advice as their own

Running on empty filling

Nothing more to give; them at least

My hearts no longer in it

Pointing out their own fault in my stars

Spent to much time stating facts

Called a liar cause you can’t do the math

Learned a long time ago,

there will never be another me

Can’t mimic someone else’s empathy

All eyes on you, keep them

We are not the same

You are playing a part, I live it

One more day to prove to yourself

Your more than the pile you lay in

The company you keep

speak volumes of your personality

The herd will follow the bell

No matter whose wearing it

Now is the time to change

Your perspective is everything to them

They need an better example

then the excuse you still give

The focus isn’t on you and it shows

I’m not asking for much

Just the loyalty they deserve, because

Your perspective is everything to them.

written by Just Rant Already

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