The struggle is real (November 16, 2022)

Hand in hand // I walk this line

head down // eyes darting side to side

I just need a sign // that everything is gonna be alright

You’d think this little girl loved pink and frills

Instead of learning to navigate her broken world

She’s living out a daydream // one where she’s never alone

Masking the social cues they create // exhausted from dodging stares

Tears fall from my cheek // step by step

so frightened of my own shadow // I can’t speak

Wishing on a dream // this isn’t ‘it’ for me

You’d think this little girl loved playing make believe

Instead she’s reenacting a crime scene

Using big words they don’t even comprehend

to point out all they choose to dismiss with their right hand

Confusion isn’t the half of it // giggles and rumors

my head so deep in a book // reality is hidden in shadows

looking through the glass I see // their life instead for me

You’d think this little girl loved to struggle // building character they say

Instead she’s building a community who’d love to share

What knowledge they have to help others in need

Who see the world beyond their own greedy feet

written by Just Rant Already

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