Just me, Pondering (November 18, 2022)

Some days I sit to ponder

not much else to do but wonder

What life would be like

on my own island

A space to call my own

Do as I wish but wash it away to start again

No rules laid in the sands

No expectations to keep

Life is lived to the fullest there

no reason to hide from the seek

a place to grow at your own pace

plenty of knowledge to fill you with grace

Sometimes I just sit to ponder

Not accepting guilt pleasures that puts me in a slumber

Growing from the roots of my ancestors

a need to find clarity through wasted interacting

You may call it a silver lining

I find it more precious than gold

to take another’s lessons in fractions

no need to repeat the same distractions

Building blocks to raise the consciousness

sprinkled with a little more compassionate glances

Giving good energy to those who spark your interest

Not all onward looks are worth a facial expression

Sometimes I sit to ponder

If I would have taken that advice from so many others

I would have never met the “you,” you have turned out to be

the one fighting for your voice, no more happenstance

sharing tools you’ve gain along your path

so your next generation can mend

the paths everyone else has avoided

So don’t rush, just keep walking

Bridges, dams and everything inbetween

Your tribe isn’t gone, oh so far from the truth

Not all of them are cookie cutter beautiful, but

now is the time to map your own roots.

written by Just Rant Already

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