F*** I am Tired (December 5, 2022)

I am here to give what I have left to be “free”

Change in my pocket

No more energy in the wrong direction

Reaching for the stars

In my own galaxy far, far away

I am who I am

Good or bad, I am not backing down

Handing out spoons to those who feed my spirit

When the only option I have left is quitting

Support coming from those who have nothing more to gain

Giving me the energy I didn’t know I needed

Taking no more licks from mouthpieces

Fighting off too many of the same situationships

Fighting to be see and hear

Above all the noise or whatever your good for

So they say

All I want to do is sleep for another day

Instead, repeat after me:

“Today’s gonna be a good day!”

These self affirming affirmations have taken me

Another level and here it comes

The reason I started

The cause for all my heartache

Prying eyes to dictate

From their perspective

Down a ridge and over the brim of her glasses

I just can’t get your attention

One day I hope to say,

“Today’s gonna be a good day” with a smile and mean it

written by Just Rant Already

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