Trippin’ (December 7, 2022)

“Pretty girl, let me get your name!”

Well Sir, I am most certain you couldn’t pronounce it. That’s okay though, what can I help you with?

I wanna see what we could do ..

Let me stop you there. I am just about ready to take this to another level. My imposter syndrome gnawin’ at my heels. If you could just hold this for a second, I promise if you don’t stare directly into my direction I can make you see stars. No really, I don’t think I deserve this and I am sure you never wanted to hear how many why’s I could answer.

No girl, I got you.

Again, that wasn’t a space for your two cents, just a breath. I know my worth and I am willing to collaborate. I am not here to play the back and forth; You got a job, I got an answer, on repeat. ‘Cause my kids come first, I don’t mess around. Grab those dollar bills and keep walking, Mr. Johnson.

Trust me girl ..

Or what? My life will go on? I don’t need material things to feel complete. Fuck, I don’t even need a stationary place to call home. The worlds my backyard and I want to play. I even got a stack of receipts for the IRS. When the world comes crashing down, I will already be gone. Take all this knowledge with me. All because I read it in a book somewhere quiet, without interuptions. That’s how this works. You shut up and sit down and let the grown ups talk.

But I know someone ….

Me too. Many more struggling to get their foot through the door. Give them a shot at more than what you think you got. If they say you pass the vibe check, we can sit on different sides of the room. My dude, I don’t want to toot anyone’s horn louder than I do my own — but these ears have heard some of the most beautiful souls drowning in the background. We all gonna eat together or you can buy another ticket.

So there is no chance I could get you to sign …

Unless that’s a record deal with all my people and your checkbook, I am telling you my man — I got better things to do than waste my time pushing my own truth against the agenda when you got the manager position. I own this space, there’s the door.

written by Just Rant Already

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