Too much (December 9, 2022)

I have a feeling today will be no different.

I will run around with something in my hand, while trying so much harder to remember what I know I am for certain forgetting. No, this isn’t an entire rant of a tired — overworked mom, but that of a writer. Living my life, doing what I can to move forward with this momentum. Racking my brain to give y’all something worth reading. Peeling away the layers of pain and suffering. Left at a crossroad between the social awkwardness that is me as whole and healing attributed with unmasking. All to find my peace.

Don’t ask for what you didn’t really want.

Failing at life isn’t always just a one sided — fault of your own. Sometimes the only way to get past what it is that drives you mad is to confront it as, another bullshit excuse for who I am. No need to make up stories, I got chapters if you’d sit down and listen. Anymore than the front page. Stuck in the crud under your boot, no more. I got an audience now. Let the masses judge as you have. I am sure they won’t be as hard on you as you were on me.

Tomorrow has already come, I’m a day and always a dollar short.

Coming at me like a wave I can’t avoid. This frustration at the lack of respect from those “just doing their job.” Compassion is hard to hand out when you’re left with an empty can more than once by the same hand. More expensive than gas or gold. Ignorance is no longer bliss. I am going to blow the roof off and you are not gonna like it. Digging in is what I do when my backs against the wall.

written by Just Rant Already

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