Give me a beat already (December 12, 2022)

No stopping me now

I am gonna grab the next cloud

Ride this fucker until the wheels fall off

I got one life and its not gonna end here

Taking the elevator is for the rich

I am taking each step like its my last

Proving to myself there’s more than a broken mold

I choose my path and the cruising speed

No need to figure it all out now

Don’t blind myself from opprotunity

Taking in what I’ve read and putting it to use

There has to be something I can help you with

Like the ocean, I can bring you peace or disaster

Teach you something you need to master

Hand you what you’ve asked for

Just never more time than I can give

Yeah, Yeah, An acquired taste

Shit I am not wine, More like a sundae

You shouldn’t over indulge, and

Never skimp on the toppings

Written by Just Rant Already

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