Run on, sentences. With bad? punctuation! (December 19, 2022)

[written November 22, 2022]

Without these people in my daily routine.

Without the community & solidarity radiating from these genuine humans.

Being witness to thew ay they are navigating life in search of all things that make this struggle worth it.

Giving more than they take.

Giving me a space to laugh at myself out loud.

To no longer feel so alone — even if it’s on the other side of a screen…

No longer scared to speak up.

No longer scared to be confused by a world that fights to believe I’m a fucking unicorn.

No longer scared to unmask.

No longer scared of my own voice making you feel something you didn’t ask for in the aisle of the grocery store.

No longer fearful of failing miserable and telling myself “you got me” out loud; pointing my finger to the sky, at this thing called life.


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