Acknowledgement (December 21, 2022)

I see the magic spark from her eyes

Stories to tell and memories to make

A journey never really ending, new adventures in this adulting

Happy to meet those who “just keep swimming.”

We all have a fairytale

A happier place we’d disappear to

Sharing our stories helps build that bond between

Our inner child and the adult we shouldn’t have to be

Some see the silver lining and push to find a better way

I’ve lost so many to boundaries

Why do I always catch myself helping them build one around me

Just to climb that wall with helping hands

I can’t be that girl anymore

You said grow up!

I am what you get when you find your way back to your own spirit.

Purpose within the reason you held on this long.

The music,

The bass,

The beat.

A reason to keep reading, a story doesn’t really end at the back cover.

We all keep going.

Not always in the way we’d expect.

My memory would like to think so many of you found your happiness.

The hand we’ve all been dealt, I am proud of you.

No matter where you’re reading this from.

Know I carry you with me.

The memories that made me, the me I am today.

Your absence aches, but most of me does that anyway.

The energy that remains after someone has past.

Still breathing on the other side of all of this,

I give thanks to this universe for blessing me with these lessons.

Even more, those willing to sit now and continue reading.

So many little stories to tell,

the ones that make me who I am.

You don’t have to be anything more than a witness

to most of what life has in store for us all.

To those who allow me the privilege to care through new frequencies,

My hats off to you.

You are doing more for humankind than those of your past gave you credit for then.

You are the magic spark I see that ignites the fire from within myself.

The drive to share my story,

build this community

be a witness to what life has for the little girl inside me.

It’s my turn to believe in her.

written by Just Rant Already

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