Teenage Angst (January 4, 2023)

I can see it now

You’ve found your niche

Used up all your ideas

Got the claps and high fives

Now your stuck

Left in a rut

As the days turn to night

I seem to find

My reasons don’t mesh well

with the outside

I choose to protect

The energy they request

Coming into the new year

I have taken a step forward

Further from the safety I coddle

Into their limelight,

Not here to waste a moment

Arguing over my own introspection

I send you off

Heartfelt farewells

Never to meet again

I was once told,

“You’re at the wrong house mate.

I don’t live there anymore” (David Bassman)

I bid you adieu

Well wishes and all that jazz

To where ever that may lead you

No need to carry this along

I want you to be a free as can be

So that you might leave me to my peace

You see, I have so many waiting

On the other side of consciousness

Who’d love to be in your shoes

I am no longer the thing you hate

Giving life now, not just taking

What isn’t meant to be kept secret

It breaks my heart to think

You never really knew the real me

Not because I couldn’t stop talking

but because you weren’t yet free

Freedom brings clarity,

At least for me

Hopefully one day you can get past this

Let go of what is holding you back

The world deserves to know the real you

Hidden in your personal dark cloud

Don’t give up on yourself

Keep hold of your own hand now

written by Just Rant Already

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