My Song (January 18, 2023)

Music has always been something that brought out feelings I buried.

Not like I assumed I was the only one, just felt like it.

Imagine a world were the pain you feel dissipates into the fog,

don’t get me started on how the weather could change if it wants to.

One sunshine away from happiness.

Begging the moon to come so my tears wouldn’t be heard.

I’d rather be alone than feel the loss of love I thought I deserved.

Wishing for summer vibes to fill the dry air suffocating my heart.

Give me a reason to search for the silver lining in grief.

When the warm bodies around you give you nothing but stink eye,

You start to believe their is no space for your version of love.

Like a bird I wished to fly as far as my arms could take me.

The sound of melodical understanding in the distance.

I choose to stay in a pause than hit eject.

Giving myself time to find my own space filled with acceptance,

No more need to be critiqued to continue at this speed.

I am happy to report I am still in motion to this day.

Finding my own path to enlightenment.

Growing each day into the gift I was given.

Sharing the words of another as a cover singer.

written by Just Rant Already

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