Life in Between (January 20, 2023)

To take my advice

To see the sparkle you point out

Giving life to something as simple as me

The true me you actually see

Hiding my face behind a smaller piece

Wishing the world would see my worth

between the rest of the trees

Growing farther than I could have imagined

Wishing there wasn’t much more to endure

Life has a way of throwing more curveballs

Slipping in the parts no one asked for

Music might sooth your souls

As mine stuck on skip to add to the distraction

Just one more bend to the finish

Taking my time this trip around this float rock

Meeting the people I was always supposed to

Finding a niche I had already perfected

Sharing my story – page by page

Finding the lost pieces of myself

I chose to hide within chapters that made me

The parts of myself they didn’t understand

Never again will I forget who I once was

The fighter giving my all

The lover of small things

The giver of helpful thoughts

I found my inner child a happy place to be

A space to call home

written by Just Rant Already

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