Catching Up (January 25, 2023)

As my shirt might read these days,

In need of more caffeine.

Giving my all to make a difference,

One hauntingly beautiful soul at a time.

I know that no matter what I do,

I might have to say goodbye to a few.

Pushing further into the unknown,

Grasping at all the things I know to be true.

How knowledge can be your saving grace,

Or be your worst nemesis.

You see,

not everyone wants to understand me.

The me filled with random facts,

Until it become a useful trait.

Information can be deadly,

In the hands of those who do nothing but wrong.

Eating at this table can push you to toxic levels,

More than a nose job in most scenes.

Nothing like changing yourself,

For a never ending bottom line.

Time you see,

Was never on my side.

Constant need to be validated by others,

I found no peace no matter where I fell.

So I gave myself a chance to breath,

Found my voice in the weeds.

Pushing further than ever before,

I am who I am and I can’t apologize again.

Just living my best life,

Turning pages from these darker chapters.

written by Just Rant Already

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