Teenage Rage, Queen (January 30, 2023)

The way you can see,

through my coat of armor.

I shield my jaded heart from the obvious jesters,

broken-hearted it leaves me vulnerable to backstabbers.

This people pleasing shit is getting hazy,

Like my grandpa used to say – “I’m gonna pack up one day and leave this place.”

I would rather be surrounded by truth talkers than smooth walkers,

just give it to me straight and let me choose the direction.

When you can spot a pattern from miles away,

you tend to believe the actions taken before the words spoken.

My teenage rage can move mountains,

too bad they are usually ant hills.

One day I will find my peace,

see the light of the newest era.

Where I am the queen of my domain,

making my own decisions.

That’s the day I know I will beg,

for simple days and nights surrounded by a cheap fix.

The days and nights that haunt me even now,

disappear into the bigger picture.

Adulthood that always seems right around the corner.

written by Just Rant Already

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