Thoughts on January (February 1, 2023)

Just so you know, I don’t pick the graphics on the days I blog; they are already here from last year. Call them self affirming affirmations or pure joy for no reasons. I get to announce today, I am a brand new preschool teacher. Yes, it’s what all of my schooling was for, I just used it to be a better mom, business woman, wife even.

I am happy to be joining the Little Campers Child Care team. I am enjoying my days so far filled with early morning podcast livestreaming and content creating then more laughs and learning the ropes in my new parttime job. Who knew full adulting at 40 would be this easy? Well, not always so easy. Body pain again is my worst enemy; medical trauma will do that to you.

Disability is still in the works, won’t know the outcome until mid February. Anyone else nervous that re-entry into the work field will be short lived? I wonder more and more why I get along with like minded adults and toddlers just trying there best to get through the day without a melt down of frustration wrapped in correlating emotions. Anyone else as worried as I am that my reputation precedes the good I still have left to give? Me either. LOL.

After all, 2023 has been in the mood of giving. I am here for it all. Stay tuned for the upcoming changes to my already well maintained schedule as I am not the only one with new opportunities in the near future. On to the next one…

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