For Reference (February 3, 2023)

Be the reason,

Be the sunshine,

Be what it is that wakes you up in the morning.

Give your best,

Forgive yourself for the rest,

No one thing can be solved in a day.

No Rome,

No home,

No need to fret above the best.

We all blossom eventually,

Learn lessons from the next,

Give yourself time to grow into your purpose.

Every seed needs rain,

no matter what the rest may say,

So dance in your storms and don’t forget to wave.

written by Just Rant Already

What memory inspired this poem?

“One day, a very long time ago, I found myself staring out a rain soaked window. Wishing for anything more than another Greg Delano filled day at school. This man despised who, what, how and most definitely when I chose to be myself. He always seemed to be right behind me; as if his little feet masked his shitty attitude. I learned then in his class that life would always be filled with someone who was going to fight against everything I stood for as an individual.

I can remember days when I’d just sit and ignore his snide comments on my physical appearance or what I chose to wear that day. This man was always looking up at me and always through as if I didn’t deserve to take up the space I occupied. The worst was when he’d talk about my dating life like it was a recap of MTV’s real world’s latest episode. My head was always down, sometimes I’d just sit and cry silently to myself. Still sad to me he was a Humanities teacher for so long.

I will never forget the day he called me a “budding High School Shooter in training” under his breath as another classmate bragged about my ranking in the local shooting club. The worst though was him calling me “crazy like her mom” as I was forced to be on Prozac at 15. I hear he’s a principal now. That damn “Delano’s Code of Law” hanging on the wall of the Hall of Congress should give you a better reference for my political views. He said over and over in the two and a half years he was my teacher that I’d never amount to anything in life.

I truly thank him for all he didn’t do for me then. Could you imagine what boring type of teacher I would be if he’d have been half as decent to me as everyone else still seems to give him credit for? I would have never become the teacher I have been for the last 10+ years if I would have taken his words with more than the grain of salt it would fit on. This page is all he will get from me or the future he so eloquently stated I would never see. Thank you though, to those unnamed few, that stood up for me against his tyranny.”

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