Thoughts on February (March 1, 2023)

Clearing out the boxes, filled with other people’s bullshit – I have kept for many different reasons. I have found, I am the weirdest hoarder. I keep things that remind me of the pain of love and regret the longest. Why you might never ask? I find that when someone goes that far, to harm not only my ego but my character, I can’t just forgive and forget. That’s a part of me only I get to control.

I will give my all to forgive myself for the opportunities I let slip me by to please another’s ego over mine. Keep my eye on the prize of one day moving past where I am at this time. Singing my way through the day surrounded by giggles and high fives. Filling my sleepless nights with great conversation from the other side of the world. Taking what I can from the growth I have made – to help someone else find their own true way.

I am happy to report that I am where I should be. I am leaning into my calling and doing what is best for the next few generations. Creating fun, familiar routines of friendly conversation. I am happy to oblige and welcome the flow of things as of now. Taking a break to smell the roses some might say.

Many changes may or may not be coming soon than later. Stay tuned for the podcast coming so very soon. I can’t wait to share with you all loyal supporters how much progress I have made over these last few years. Until then,

On to the next one…

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