Almost All Of Me (March 6, 2023)

What is that saying,

‘Like a fine wine…’

I have aged to the day I am today

No need to keep myself busy.

I’m working hard,

at hardly working.

This husband of mine gives me hope,

that my one day has finally come.

Thank my ancestors daily,

he will always be many more than one God sent.

An Ode to the human he is,

or this struggle he has endured.

Never quick to judge –

even his gut reaction.

Without his grace,

I would have never truly understood love.

I give my all to see him smile,

maybe just a few tears too.

I want to give him the world,

wrapped in a little red bow.

I am blessed each day,

every long kiss.

How you make me feel so secure.

He pushes me to my limits,

supports each crazy decision.

Cheers me on when I am fearful of strangers.

Wants nothing more –

than to watch my dreams come true.

Babe hold steady,

Cus’ you ain’t seen nothing yet.

written by Just Rant Already

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