Last Year (March 8, 2023)

I don’t know if my fingers can handle the amount of words needed to express the gratitude to those who’ve pushed me this year to be better. Miss Jenn – you take the biggest piece of the cake next to my beautiful sister, Mrs. Schwartz!! You two are the support system anyone would be jealous of. You give the best comebacks, give the best advice and never, not once held anything back. #sistas

Miss Alyssa – Bestie, girl, woman, my person. I am so damn proud of the journey you are on and the highest level of bravery it takes to do it with a smile on that beautiful face. I am in awe of you and your accomplishments these last two years and I can not wait to see what you do next. #getit #wedorecover

To my children – slow down. Give me some time to take in all the changes in the air. Take in the sights and appreciate the time you have to make educated mistakes. Life does go on but will cycle back I promise you that. Many changes might be in the wind – speak up as usual and please don’t pretend.

Last and so not least – my dearest husband, Mr. Smith. I am most inspired by your personal growth made on your very own. Working harder than ever before to be the best of every part of you that you can be, my own Superman. Giving more than you ever ask for. You will forever be my “ever after” fairytale ending.

To all those who’ve supported me through each one of the post, I give a small piece of my heart as well. A token of my appreciation and the dedication it takes to spend a bit of your precious time on me. I hope you visit the page with all the graphics from this past year. Use them to remind yourself how precious you truly are to me and my own self – confidence. I am hopeful the podcast will bring you as much joy as it will be to create it – please join me if you wish but send an email first.

On to the next chapter, number 40…

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