Always a Step Behind, Huh? (April 3, 2023)

I’m forgetful and awkward.

You shouldn’t talk to yourself that way.


No. I meant it. You’re a good person. I would know.

Oh, well it wasn’t a question –

It stands as a full statement.

You know, when you say those things – you start to believe them.

I don’t say things if I didn’t mean them.

Well I don’t like when you talk that way.

You mean, you don’t like me?

No. It’s just weird you would say it that way.

Being honest?

But it’s not true.

About you?

Of course not.

Then why did you say it that way?

It’s just weird you said it that way that’s all. I just don’t understand.


That’s not fair. You made it awkward.


This is why people don’t like you. They can’t understand why you’d say more than you should.

I don’t know how not to be myself and happy to be around anyone while I twitch in the corner.

Well, maybe think of how other people feel about what you are about to say, before you say it.

So lie?

Well, maybe just not say so much. No one has that much time and they are trying to have a good time.


So, you’ll stop?

Stop what?

Being weird and awkward?

*face palm* Sure, I’ll try.

written by Just Rant Already

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