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To take my special skillful eye and make it extraodinary just for you, It gives me goosies. I picture the biggest smile and the warmest hearts. No matter your preference, I am eager to please, or help you find the right person for the job. Its not a competition of who wins but a group think tank to support us all to get where we find our peace. Our purpose driven lives.

Below are some (mostly free samples) created with others in mind.

Just Rant Already Customs

Superheros don’t always wear Capes

“My role models are the reasons I do what I do. The admiration you can give someone for expressing who they are, at there core. In the way that they gives back and makes you stop in your path and adjust to your priorities. That’s what a role model is to me.”

Mrs. Austin Smith

I have included some special social media handles of amazing, not so ordinary people, who have inspired my journey (on so many levels throughout the last 10 years) to my peace & hone in on my present purpose driven lifestyle, the ability to share their experiences from one soul to another on a spiritual level and the confidence in themselves that assures me that my mistakes are not what define me, but what makes me human. Those who leave behind the people they come across with more than they met them with. Hope. Links to there websites/social media/channels below (in no particular order):

@bigwyno @leegoddess @i_am_elena_leona @elspacecadet @larry_eye @rain_a_terror @adorkabledustinwood @thewellnessroute @elyse_myers @catiesaurus @autiegoddess @amyinchrysalis @hawaiianblanka2 @feralmuffins @dopeasusual @thestigmabiddies @jean_nbean @alicedowntherakbithole @brenebrown

and many more to add as I take each day to find my peace.

Daily Affirmations

My Side Hustle

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