Welcome to my Mini Blog Series

Sometimes things come to me when I look at a photo. I can sense all the things I felt at the moment, the sun shining on my skin, the raindrops outside, or the smell of the salty air. These senses take me back to a time when I could remember taking the time to close my eyes and take a deep breath. As if even as a child I knew one day I’d want to remember this moment. Bliss, saddness, heartache, joy, devistation, pride, humility. Those photos are all located behind my 3rd eye. Here you will find some I have choosen to share over the last few years. Opening up to those willing to be inspired by who I am and why.

Here’s to those who have been doing it for years and those who started today years old; to each his own timeline. I am constantly working to better my own experiences, so please bare with me as I master web design on the fly (to “lazy” to read the directions or watch the tutorials, lol.)

“These are my VERY personal views on subjects that won’t be covered in my blog post or the podcast. I feel these stories are what make us who we are at those core stages on our paths. These are things about my past that I fear I CAN/WILL/HAVE come to terms with but at this time, just can’t sit right with somehow internally. These are my internal struggles & hope for compassion & understanding that we are all a work in progress.”

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