Say Cheese (September 14, 2022)

If only it started here
Then I could find my way back
To the space I felt safe
From the monsters in the darkness
Not just the ones I’ve created
No one sees what they could be
Left to ponder the days
When we are what we say

It hurts to see such pain
In the eyes of the forgotten
Seen as less than — always dismissed
When will this storm take the clouds away
One day the bridge will fall
Hope you can swim
I’ve been practicing, no one’s perfect
I’ll admit I’m wrong, can you dig that?

Why must we suffer in silence
Then call it resilience
Who ask for a life to hard to come back from
Sharing the wealth would mean we all benefit
Easier said than done
Trying to make a change in a world that thrives off pain
Throwing pennies in a pond
Pray not to cave

I can see the path ahead
Can’t turn back now
If this ain’t my mountain top
I’m up for the next one
Thieves at my back
Pushing through what I’ve let back in
Building better boundaries
Never going back

I’m worth more to myself than anyone else can see
I’m proving them wrong
Taking away their mouthpiece
Going to make a difference if it kills me
My next chapters gonna be a doozy
Stirring a pot someone left behind
Just to see what deserves to stay
Not all flavors are worth their weight

I’m in love with the title
I think it’s going to speak for itself
No this kettles not black
It’s sunshine happy
Gonna shake off this funk
Give the rest something to smile about
Isn’t this just a dinner & a show?
Comical but far from the real deal

No need to fake it to make it
The challenge was always just yours
No girth to back up your words
No ground to stand on
No paddle, not even a canoe
Please sit down, there’s work to do
Like I said, not all flavors are worth their weight
Some are just there for decorations

written by Just Rant Already

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