I’m Still Standing (April 5, 2023)

To watch the world change colors that were never meant to steal my shine,

Grow like a choking vine.

I feel the shift and see the truth between the borderlines,

More like a man made cavern; let me wash my hands first.

I’m the kind of person glad to see you as human again,

Nothing more than the fact I’m too fucking tired.

I’ve pushed and pulled myself from the ashes of a standing dumpster fire; established in 2004.

I now praise the ground this beautiful soul walks on, no thank you either ma’am.

Im so happy to report – I’m so, so, taken.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – we are until the end of time.

I have finally found my peace, my forever forward.

Someone soft enough to push me –

To hold the weigh of my chosen path beside me.

As I can see my dreams right in front of me,

I’m baffled at what he ever saw in me before now.

A broken single mother –

Discarded with nothing other than a drive to finally move the fuck on.

I am who I am today because he believed I could, when I’d finally thrown in the towel.

I’m happy to see myself in the mirror again. To love the skin I’m in.

written by Just Rant Already

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